a group of skeletons in a cave

Black Hills South Dakota

Aug 7th - Aug 21st (14 days)

We happen to be in the area at the same time as the Sturgis motorcycle rally. So basically, everywhere we went all day long, a line of motorcycle riders was in front of us and behind us. Occasionally, another car truck would come by, but mostly it was just loud motorcycles.

The first couple of days, we were closer to the town of Sturgis, so we used the time to drive through the north side of Custer and Nguyen from the Rushmore national monument up through Deadwood and the actual town of Sturgis.

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During our stay, we moved to Angostura State Recreation Area to explore the area south of us. The atmosphere was peaceful, and we went on a drive to the needles, a road that cuts through mountains and rocks. It was an exciting drive with mesmerizing views and plenty of twists and turns. We had to pass through some narrow tunnels, but thankfully our truck fit. We spent a week at Angostura State Recreation Area, enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of the place before continuing our journey.

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people inside a cavea cave with a fish in ita cave with a large opening

The last two things we saw were Wind Cave National Park and the Mammoth site.

Melissa and I did the Entrance Tour at Wind Cave National Park. The geological formations and history of the cave were truly fascinating, even on the entrance tour. I can only imagine how much more thrilling it would be to crawl through the narrow passageways on the deep cave tour with just a flashlight. Overall, the experience was unforgettable and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore something unique.

The Mammoth Site is a fascinating archeological site that is home to a plethora of well-preserved mammoth fossils. This particular site is believed to have been a popular watering hole for prehistoric creatures, resulting in many of them perishing and eventually becoming fossilized. To ensure the preservation of this unique and invaluable site, a large protective building has been constructed over it. The building provided a great way to escape the heat of summer!

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Melissa used some time at our campground at the state park to start work on her curtain project.

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