Who we are

Melissa. 31yrs old. Industrial/Analytics Engineer. Hobbies: Watercolor. Calligraphy. Reading. Rock Music. Preferred Environment: Beach

Justin. 33 yrs old. Software Engineer. Hobbies: Reddit. 3D printing. Electronics. Photography. Preferred Environment: Mountains

Hiding from the sun

Kali. Cat. 10 yrs old. Rescued tabby from Puerto Rico. Hobbies: Do her own thing. Get brushed. Preferred Environment: Darkest/Tightest spot she can find.

Beni. Cat. 9 yrs old. Rescued Maine Coon Mix from Puerto Rico. Hobbies: Sleep. Snore. Cuddle. Preferred Environment: Anywhere comfy and warm.

Peanut. 4 yrs old. Whippet from South Carolina. Hobbies: Not get killed by Beni. Run too fast. Preferred Environment: Warm bed with parents.

Edison. 3 yrs old. Rescued Pit mix from South Carolina. Hobbies: Complete couch potato. Forgets he is heavy. Preferred Environment: Anywhere with soft blankets.

Some more pics incase you forget :)