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How everything started

Justin and I started dating end of 2019, we both had lots of desire to get out there and explore from the very beginning. Quickly, a few weeks after first meeting, we dove into adventuring and went on a cruise thru the Caribbean.

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Then came 2020.

We went on a few dates, but Justin was off for a 1-month trip to Thailand with his family by the end of the month. My job did not allow that much flexibility, so I stayed behind. By the time he came back, COVID-19 was taking full effect in the US. Both of our jobs had sent us to work from home; after only 2-3 months of dating, the insolation began. No outdoor activities. No checking out new restaurants. No socializing. Just work and limiting our visits to each other.

For the most part, I kept myself busy with my puppy Edison, who I had just adopted in June 2019, and Justin played videogames and did small projects on his 3D printer. Our visits continued throughout the year and even though we could not do much, being so isolated allowed us to learn more about each other and get closer. Throughout this time, we talked about making many trips in the future, but COVID-19 continued to limit any sort of planning.

With the isolation and lack of adventure, I started to take my dream of getting a van and living on the road more seriously. After more research and conversations with Justin, I quickly realized the difficulties getting a Van and converting it would bring. Now it wasn’t just a girl and her Van. It was Justin, Edison, Peanut (Justin’s dog), and me. We needed more space than just a Van.

Continued in next post….

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