We need more adventure

The end of May 2020 came, and car prices started to dip due to COVID disruptions. I quickly decided to trade in my small SUV for a larger vehicle that would allow me to tow a small camper. That’s how my 2019 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium came into the picture. The real challenge was convincing Justin that getting a trailer was a good idea.

By the end of June, I was itching to do something. The first trip ended up visiting my parents in Puerto Rico with Justin. As soon as I got back, my second trip happened. Anxiety had started to take over, so I grabbed my 4Runner, Edison, and two cats and made a three-day road trip to Texas to visit my sister. Justin was not a fan of doing such a long drive, so he stayed behind. I spent three weeks in Temple, TX, stressed with work and the disruptions that COVID 19 had caused to the world overall. By the end of the 3rd week, Justin asked me to come back, and I also had a short amount of time left before my third trip, Destin, FL. My original plan in Destin was to go to one of my best friends' wedding, but they canceled the trip due to COVID. I still had a hotel reservation and flight tickets, so I thought, why not just go down to the beach and take a break. I invited my sister and her husband, one of my old college best friends, and his wife. Everyone accepted, and we spent a long weekend just exploring Destin, FL, before everyone headed back home to Texas, Alabama, and North Carolina.

The rest of 2020 went by peacefully for the most part. We continued to dream about trips to Europe, living in Madrid, etc., but nothing was possible due to COVID. We spent the rest of the year focused on work and just traveling between our townhomes to see each other.

Continued in next post….