Adventure? Life? Work?

For the first few weeks of 2021, all I did was check Facebook Marketplace for small campers. I would consistently refresh my screen in hopes that a used 16ft Scamp would appear in the southeastern part of the US. By mid-February, I was so exhausted from the search that I convinced Justin we would spend a week in an Airbnb in Chattanooga, TN, to take the camper situation out of my mind. I wanted him to experience what it would feel like to work remotely in a different location since he was still not a big fan of traveling while working. The week went by smoothly, and we were able to work and experience Chattanooga.

After 2-3 months of searching and consistently being disappointed in the availability of fiberglass campers near us, a brand new 13ft 2020 Scamp finally came on the market in Texas. Yes, it wasn’t close for us, but it was close enough to send my brother-in-law check it out. We could not have been more excited! Sadly the seller sold it to someone else because we needed one more day to arrange to pick it up.

Around two weeks after the painful heartbreak, we finally ran into a fiberglass camper in Georgia. I clearly remember it being a Friday evening! We were the first to reach out to the buyer, and we quickly arranged to see it the following Sunday. It was a 2002 17ft Casita Liberty Deluxe. Very well maintained and ready to be on the road again. It was perfect! Just the size we wanted and with little maintenance to be done.

The Casita, we named the Rolling Egg, quickly started its travels in April 2020. We made short trips thru North Carolina, South Carolina, a rock festival in Virginia, and even a trip to Texas. We loved our small Egg, but it was SMALL. I mean, it was perfect for short trips but hard to have two dogs with us and impossible to work remotely from.

On our last trip in October, we started to consider the possibility of going full-time in a larger camper. To complete surprise, my company that month announced going fully remote. It was the last piece of our full-timing puzzle. In a matter of 2-3 weeks, we sold both our vehicles, purchased a diesel truck and a fifth wheel!

After that long road to get here, the real work began, prepping the fifth wheel to live in, storing all our belongings in a 10x15 storage unit, and putting our townhome on the market…