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Bozeman, Montana

Jun 26th - Jul 1st (5 days)

Before we even started our RV trip, we had heard about Bozeman becoming the new hip place to live in Montana. It's growing fast and a cute little mountain town to live in. So we were excited to check this place out as a potential spot to buy a house when we eventually stopped driving.

This was also the first stop where we would meet up with my parents! So it would be a nice change of pace for us, staying near a city with people we know.

None of us took any pictures between work and RV maintenance, so for this post, you get a pretty limited selection.

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The Bozeman Trail Campground and RV Park staff were friendly, but the location could use some work. For example, there were some train tracks across the street, and at least three times a night, a train came by and had to blow its horn. So that gets old extraordinarily fast.

The town of Bozeman was also genuinely lovely, so it kind of lives up to the hype. There were lots of little shops and a few good restaurants that we checked out.

After riding my crappy bike in Yellowstone, I realized it was time to upgrade to something not made of cast iron. Since everybody in Montana seems to ride their bikes on the weekends, this was a pretty good place to go shopping, and I got myself a nice new upgrade.

Finally, on our way to Glacier, we made a short stop near Black Sandy State Park. We enjoyed some quiet time along the Missouri River. While there, we got to use our inflatable kayaks that had been in storage since our stop in Florida.

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Helena, MT


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