a landscape with trees and grass

Cold Weather, Trees, and Animals

Jun 7th - Jun 12th (5 days)

We started to feel that we were moving north at this point. The first stop was at Jordanelle State Park. It's next to Park City, a high-end ski town. Like all ski towns in summer, there are still many outdoor activities. You can hike the mountains, ride the gondolas, mountain bike, etc. but because it's mostly warm you can use the lakes too!

This stop was mainly just a break in our travels north so that Justin could work some regular hours.

a bridge going over a cliffa house with trees in front of ita road next to a body of watera landscape with trees and grass
Jordanelle State Park
two dogs on a patha person walking a group of dogsa dog sitting on a dirt road
Run-a-Muk Dog Park - Amazing off leash park

While here, we took the opportunity to resupply at Salt Lake City on some adventure gear like hiking clothes and new camping chairs. Justin also had an itch for a new lens, so we also hit up a camera store. He was excited to break it in with some animal pics at our next National Park stop.

a person holding a steering wheela hand holding a camera
New Lens!!!

On our way to the Tetons, we stayed at a harvest host. It was just an active farm with a little ice cream store, and they let us park next to their cow poo. It was a lot of cow poo. Also, the ice cream was delicious.

Since the drive wasn’t too bad and the RV looked rough, we stopped at a manual truck wash place. They meant pick-up trucks that had been lifted and not full-size RVs because we fit, but we had to keep moving the RV forward and backward to reach with the little hoses they gave us. By the end, we were both colored pink, and the RV was significantly cleaner than when we went in.

Brace yourself… our RV cleaning efforts only lasted to our next stop…

a car parked in a field
a patio with tables and chairsa farm with a pond
a dog sitting on a couch looking out a window
Real working farm dogs are fun to watch
a close up of a cow's facea group of pigs in a pena herd of white goatsa group of seals lying on the ground
It was just a pit stop but I had to play with the new lens!
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